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Stupid everything.

Hi yeah i'm nicky i joined the fucking community.

K so being the only one still attending el shithole, i get to bitch about how it sucks going back there in a day.

I hate the people i hate the teachers (cept band teachers) and i hate the smell and the atmosphere. I want out.
I don't wanna be associated with these people.
It pisses me off that my grad class are ALL getting livejournals, too.
i'll quote what i just wrote to melissa:

sinking into her queen size kingdom says:
No no, i mean at moscrop. the people that go to my school. i'm tempted to tell people i'm a lesbian or some shit just so there's that gap between us and i don't have to truely relate to those asshole

so yeah i just wanted to bitch.
melissa made me join.
so i'm bitching.
i'm not sure if it's out of spite or not.
ok time for sleep.

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