Ebichu (crazehpoo) wrote in mousecrap,

I just thought I'd post something because I pity myself that much.

What I miss the most at Moscrop are the teachers that understood the Other students... ok, that's untrue. I miss the teachers who accepted and praised me for my eccentricity < /brag>, like the band teachers and those commie social studies teachers. Nowadays at SFU, I'm just one number in a class of 500, meaning no more brownie points, pity marks, or chocolate when I misbehave. BAH.

What I miss the least is... um, everything. I think I miss my grad class the least. I liked them in the eighth grade when they were honest with themselves and openly hated me, but last year they were just sooo fake... like bodybuilder boobies. Always smiling, saying hi, making like they understood me during debates... god. All that schmaltz made me sick and depressed.

Oh, and I hate the PE teachers (except maybe that sassy little Mr. Wong... heheheheh). Ms. KristMANson just... I think she hated me because I wasn't an athlete nor did I suck up to her. What a bitchcunt.

Speaking of bitch, do you, the students still locked up in that mental institution, have to take PE this year?
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